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Kase filters has a lot of extreme high quality filters made from the best Schott B270 glass. With our newest Wolverine series you will have the best products in the market right now, with almost unbreakable glass. Take a look on our Holders which are made from lightweight aircraft alumium and useful on a lot of lenses.

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Most items from 100mm and 150mm are in stock at our own warehouse and can be shipped immediatly. Items not in stock can be shipped in 2-3 weeks.

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With many years of experience we can advise you best so ask your question and we will respond in no time. You can reach us by phone on +31 (0) 85-0653279 or by using the chat function right below on our webshop.


kase wolverine filtersAbout KASE filterskase wolverine filters

Kase filters is a brand that is very progressive in the field of filters for photo and video purposes. When manufacturing the filters only one thing is important and that is the QUALITY of our products. The materials used are, among other things, the high-quality Schott B270 glass that is provided with a Nano Coating and is dirt and water repellent. The filters that are manufactured are mainly aimed at the filter systems as we have known for years from, for example, Cokin - LEE - Travor - iXPose - 84.5 dot and similar brands. With Kase filters there are 3 different systems in terms of width: 100mm - 150mm and 170mm and besides that there are different filters such as polarization and UV filters that can be combined with the holders. The beauty of the round polarization filters is that they can rotate in the holder with an operation on the outside of the holder. After all, you have nothing to do with a square polarization filter in a holder because you have to rotate the entire holder in order to correctly set the polarizing effect and when using a gradual filter you will see that the gradual filter is no longer horizontal and that gives again problems with the horizon. Always use the original Polarization filter from Kase and also take advantage of this. New are the Kase Wolverine filters that are made of almost unbreakable glass and are therefore also progressive in the market. These filters are also available in various versions from ND to Gradual.
Last but not least the holders !!, these are also not wrong in terms of solidity etc. and made from full aircraft aluminum with matching rings.

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